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Better vision has a direct impact on your quality of life. Only you can ensure that your eyes are in good health by taking time for regular vision check-ups. Our state-of-the-art equipment and comprehensive eye exams are among the best you will find, designed to go far beyond simple prescription writing (although we do write and fill eyeglass prescriptions). Early detection and treatment of eye disease are critical for long-term visual health.

We offer same-day eye exams, same-day eyeglasses, and contact lenses. That's Maison Optique Vision Center: fast, easy, effortless, and affordable.

Receive an eye exam and glasses on the same day! We offer same-day service on most eyeglass prescriptions and accept most health insurance and vision plans.

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Choosing your eyewear is more than just about vision; it's about making a statement about who you are. We invite you to check out our extensive, fashionable selection of eyeglasses.

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What is Dry Eye Syndrome? Who is at risk? What are the treatments? This informative Q&A about Dry Eye Syndrome will give you all the information you need.

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Multifocal contact lenses give you added freedom over glasses and they allow you to be able to view any direction - up, down and to the sides - with similar vision.

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Eye Exams for Contact Lenses At Maison Optique Vision Center

Contact lenses are a convenient alternative to glasses, offering visual clarity and ultimate comfort!

We offer a special contact lens exam where we measure your eye's curvature to help us fit you with the most comfortable contact lenses for your eye shape and lifestyle needs.

If you have never used contact lenses before, we will gladly teach you how to use them and insert them in your eye. Once you've done it a few times, it will become second nature.

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Do you suffer from blurry vision, difficulty reading, or blurriness when looking at a computer screen?

You could be suffering from Presbyopia. Presbyopia is a common refractive error that occurs as the natural lens in the eye begins to harden. As the lens stiffens, it loses its ability to focus on near objects, resulting in blurry vision. Vuity eye drops may be the solution you’ve been seeking.

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Myopia Management – MiSight

When most people hear the word “myopia,” they usually associate it with nearsightedness – an eye condition that causes blurry distance vision and typically requires correction in the form of glasses, contact lenses, or laser eye surgery. But most people don’t recognize that myopia is also a chronic, progressively deteriorating condition that is characterized by excessive elongation of the eye which increases a person’s risk for sight-threatening and lifestyle inhibiting complications over time.

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3 Things That Make Lafayette Eye Doctor's Unique

Ensuring crisp and clear vision is only one part of first-rate eye care. Our eye care professionals focus on the long-term health of your eyes and vision.

If you experience any eye emergency, contact us immediately. We are here to help. Please call our Lafayette eye care center at 337-210-7249.

We use the latest in optometric technology and inspect your eyes thoroughly with a comprehensive eye exam for precise diagnoses and optimal treatment.

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Shedding Light on Dry Eye: Understanding Symptoms and Finding Relief

If your eyes are feeling dry and uncomfortable, it could be due to dry eye. This condition affects millions of people worldwide, but can be treated effectively with eye drops or special contact lenses that can help alleviate symptoms and improve overall eye health.

Understanding Myopia: Causes, Progression, and Treatment Options

Knowing what causes myopia, how it progresses, and the treatment options available here at Maison Optique Vision Center can help you manage your child’s myopia and prevent further progression to keep your little one’s eyes healthier for longer.

5 Simple Tips to Preserve Your Vision

Regular eye exams and eating a healthy diet are just a few ways to preserve your vision. Find out the major causes for vision problems and incorporate our 5 eye health tips to keep your eyes healthy for longer.


What Our Patients Say
Maison Optique made the experience very easy during the exam.
2 months ago
- Steve C.


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