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A Fresh Look for Your Eyes

Do you want an updated look for your eyes? FreshLook® offers a large range of colored contact lenses, which let you subtly enhance or radically alter your eye color.

This cutting edge range of lenses has such an extensive amount of choices, that you'll be sure to end up with exactly what you're after. It doesn't matter if your eyes are blue, brown, green or hazel, FreshLook® contacts can transform your natural eye color, leaving you with a new, gorgeous and natural look. Each kind of contacts comes in bi-monthly or daily disposable alternatives.

When choosing a color contact lens for yourself, base your choice on your natural pigmentation, and the sort of look you want to achieve. Additionally, if you want to check out various options and see how the contacts alter your look, you can virtually ''try on'' different color contact lenses by visiting the FreshLook® website and just uploading a photo of yourself, before going to see your eye doctor.

Color contacts can be used as prescription lenses or only cosmetically to enrich your eye color, they will still need to be fitted by a registered optometrist, so call and make time to see us to find out about your color contact lens options.