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Astigmatism Doesn’t Rule Out Contact Lenses

Did you know that there are contact lenses especially for people with astigmatism? The cornea is normally spherical, but the cornea of an eye with astigmatism is more oval-shaped, sort of like a football. This alters the way light enters the eye, and results in blurred vision.

Contact lenses designed to fix this condition, which are called toric contact lenses, are constructed from exactly the same material as regular lenses. What separates these from regular contact lenses is the design. Compared to ordinary lenses, which have one power throughout the lens, toric lenses have two different powers; one which addresses astigmatism, and one to fix myopia or hyperopia. In contrast to regular lenses, which can easily move around on your eye and have no effect on your vision, toric lenses need to stay in place. Contact lenses for astigmatism are actually ballasted on the bottom, and this helps them stay in place on your eye.

There are multiple scheduling options for toric contact lens wearers, including soft disposable contact lenses, daily disposable lenses, and frequent replacement lenses. And people with astigmatism need not worry about options; toric lenses even come in color, or as multifocals. Rigid gas permeable lenses (RGP, or hard contact lenses) are made from a tougher material that remains in form even when you rub your eyes or blink, and might give better vision than other lenses. However, they are usually not as comfortable to wear. There's a contact lens which perfectly suits your needs, and your eye care professional will help you find it.

Due to the fact that toric lenses are just a bit more complex, you should factor in some extra time for your fitting. But it's worth it. With advances in eyewear technology, individuals with astigmatism have lots of life-improving options to choose from.