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Cataract Awareness

In the United States, this month is Cataract Awareness Month. Have you been informed that cataracts are the main culprit of vision loss among adults aged 55 and older? In fact, more than half of all North Americans who are 65 or older have some degree of cataract development.

So what exactly is a cataract? A cataract is like a veil in front of the lens in the eye, which limits or alters the path of light into the eye. For a lot of people, cataracts are a natural side effect of older age. Other risks for developing a cataract include long-term steroid use, smoking and eye injuries.

During the first phases of cataract development, stronger lighting and glasses may be prescribed to reduce the vision issues you might experience. At a certain point in the future, though, a surgical procedure might be the solution to help your sight. It's worth nothing that more than 90% of people who've had cataract surgery regain perfect or near perfect vision.

If you are in your 60s and experiencing low vision, book an appointment to discuss cataracts with your optometrist. The prognosis for cataracts is excellent, and we know you want to have total visibility throughout your golden years.


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