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Fun and Safe Toys for the Holiday Season

Holiday season is upon us and that means presents. Adoring grandparents love treating the little ones to the newest toys to start off the New Year.
It is crucial that family members advise relatives about the guidelines when it comes to safe and age appropriate toys. Mishaps involving toys may occur, occasionally causing damage to eyes, or even blindness.

Here are some tips to protect kids from toy related injury:

  1. Remember, age appropriate toys only! Be careful not to permit younger siblings to handle toys and games made for older brothers or sisters.

  2. Check that the toy is made of strong, durable material and steer clear of toys with rough edges. Make sure long-handled toys such as swords or brooms are rounded on the end.

  3. Don't let small children play without supervision.

  4. Protect little eyes by throwing out toy or games with pointed tips or projectiles.

Before you buy the popular toy or game that your child absolutely ''needs'', take a few minutes to look over toy safety guidelines. Anyone who has ever watched ''A Christmas Story'' should have learned that already. Happy Holidays.


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